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Eco-Friendly Tips for Everyone

Recycling Tips

Click here for our recycle guide! Easy tips and tricks to help you recycle properly. No wish-cycling on our watch. Learn ways to recycle everyday items properly and how to recycle those hard-to-recycle items (i.e., electronics, batteries, mattresses, etc.)


What does eco-friendly mean?
It means not environmentally harmful. Let’s learn ways to consume earth-friendly products, conserve natural resources, decrease pollution, and save energy.

First, Reduce

Before you recycle or reuse an object, the most efficient way to practice sustainability is to reduce your consumption. Efficient earth stewards consume consciously and reevaluate needs to make the most eco-conscious choices.

Sustainable products

A blog that focuses on simple sustainability for everyone.

  • -Reduce single-use plastic
  • -Replace everyday items with more sustainable options
  • -Recycle properly
  • -Waste less
  • -Education on eco products
  • -Research on reducing your carbon footprint and ideas for slowing down climate change

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