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10 Fav Products for the Eco-Conscious

A Few of My Favorite Eco Things

Saving the planet from climate change is daunting, but there are ways we can help. First and foremost, you can help by spending your hard-earned coin on eco-friendly products promoting less single-use plastic and green brands that want to work toward a more sustainable future. I have been trying out new sustainable products for a couple of years, and here is a list of some of the best eco-friendly products I’ve tried. Let me tell you, I feel like I had to kiss many frogs to find sustainable products that I love.

One of the most important things I want you to remember is that eco-friendly products are better for the environment and human health! Our mass-produced products are full of forever chemicals/toxins, plastics, and other harmful things. There is limited data on how the products we use today impact us, but the data is coming in hot, and let me tell you, it is grim. Read more here about PFAS, “aka” forever chemicals.

In reducing my consumption, I have switched to products with fewer plastics, more eco-friendly packaging, better ingredients (fewer toxins), and sustainable workplace practices. Unfortunately, none of these options are zero-waste, and some are not even fully plastic-free, but I’m just doing the best with what we have available to help myself (and you) reduce our wasteful impact. After two years of trial and error, here’s a short list of some of my fav eco things. 

1) Hair Ties (plastic-free)

Did you know the primary material used to make hair ties is plastic? Yepper. Read this article on the Environmental Cost of Hair Ties. All the hair ties you’ve ever used contain PLASTIC, such as polyester, nylon, spandex, synthetic rubber, etc. Until now. I love these hair ties by Kooshoo. They are vegan, biodegradable, and plant-based! I’ve been using them for a while, and I love them. I know you will too. 

2) Face Wash & Moisturizer

Finding a good face wash has been so tricky! I’ve tried face wash bars and low-tox brands (but not plastic-free), and the list continues. Is it too much to ask for a good quality face wash and moisturizer using circular packaging and materials? I finally found Plaine Products Face Moisturizer (Citrus) and Face Wash (Citrus). They both smell delicious and fresh. The moisturizer is light and pairs well with other serums and oils. Both the face wash & moisturizer work for my morning and night routine. The best part, you ask!? Plastic-free packaging that they will recycle for you! These items come in aluminum packaging with a plastic pump which you keep for your next refill. You mail back the aluminum bottles (via free shipping label), and they will reuse them. 

3) Face Mask

Single-use face masks should be banned forever! I am guilty of having used them a handful of times in the past, but now that I think about it – what an unnecessary waste. Beauty sheet masks don’t even work that well; it’s a novelty. 


  • Novelty item


  • Each mask is trash
  • Each mask comes in a plastic bag
  • Affordability means made with PLASTIC
  • Like wet wipes, they likely block sewers and pollute waterways
  • The hydrogel makes them less likely to biodegrade

The solution? Try making your own at home; here are some of the fun ingredients for home face masks:

Oatmeal, avocado, honey, green tea, aloe, milk (plant-based)

Also, you can buy a face mask from a company that sells them in reusable containers, glass containers, or other recyclable containers. I’m using a nice face mask called Peak Bloom by Apothekary that is in a glass container in powder form; all you do is add water!

Next time you see one of those cheap beauty masks at the checkout line, I hope you’ll avoid it. Also, I know you’re doing a fantastic job reducing your impact, so keep it up!

4) Phone Case

Is there a more eco-friendly phone case option? Insert Pela, a fantastic company with this motto: We want to create a waste-free future. They made compostable and biodegradable phone cases from environmentally sensible materials. Pela cases are made from a plant-based material called flax shive, which is a waste product from flaxseed cultivation. The material is biodegradable, compostable, and sustainable. Crazy cool, huh? Take a peek at the Pela cases; I wholeheartedly recommend them. P.S. I have dropped my phone a gagillion times, and the screen has never cracked. Full disclosure: I also have a glass screen protector installed on my phone with my Pela case. 

5) Period Sleep Shorts

Have you been curious about period panties or period shorts? I decided to give period panties and shorts a shot. I picked these Thinx Period Sleep Shorts, and this is my review: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. These shorts work great for your menstrual cycle and would be a fantastic gift for postpartum women. Single-use period products are sus for the environment and our pocketbooks. Many brilliant new companies focus on reducing waste and simplifying the needs around our female cycles. My biggest problem with the shorts is that I only have one pair!

6) Bamboo Toothbrushes

I have gotten so used to these bamboo toothbrushes! Bamboo is a fast-growing plant that does not require pesticides or fertilizers, making it an eco-friendly material. These toothbrushes are so easy to acclimate to, and it is a huge relief to no longer throw away plastic toothbrushes. I found these Bamboo Toothbrushes on Amazon, and they work well. Toothbrushes are hard to find completely plastic-free because many contain nylon bristles; however, these bristles are “BPA-free.” It’s about progress, not perfection! Once you start using these, there is no doubt you will cut back on your use of single-use plastic. 

Remember being zero-waste (see #23) isn’t a realistic goal for most of us! But that doesn’t mean we can’t consume better. 

7) Hand Soap

This one took me a long time to find. I love Clean Cult’s Grapefruit Handsoap. I put this soap in my refillable glass containers for my kitchen and bathroom. Cleancult products are fresh, clean, and chemical-free (no parabens or phthalates). The packaging is paper-based and recyclable, significantly reducing your single-use plastic waste. You’ll love this soap brand; they have dish soap too!

8) Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

Shampoo and conditioner are the hardest eco-swap for me yet. I have tried so many bars that I have not liked, including a re-fillable shampoo (with mail-in packaging) that was wayyyy too expensive and shampoo bars that make my hair oily, rough, or squeaky. It’s been tough. So far, my favorite shampoo and conditioner bar is HiBar. The conditioner makes your hair feel soft, and even though these bars are a little pricey, they LAST FOREVER! One quick water-saving tip: the soap (especially the conditioner) can take a while to later through your hair, so I always turn the water off while lathering with shampoo bars. 

9) Reusable Razor

Talk about reducing single-use plastic! One study estimated that approximately 163 million Americans use disposable razors, which could add up to billions of disposable razors being discarded annually in the United States alone. Swapping to a reusable razor diverts tons and tons of waste from landfills yearly. Plastic razors are not recyclable. I said goodbye to plastic razors when I purchased the Leaf Razor. Y’all, it’s so easy to use! This eco-friendly razor is reusable, and the metal blades are recyclable (you drop them in a metal tin and recycle them when full). Can you imagine buying the LAST RAZOR you’ll ever buy? Best sustainable swap ever, IMO. Also, Leaf has generously shared a 10% discount code with me. Use code: unmakeyourmark at checkout, yay!

10) Organic Cotton Sheets

Lastly, I love these sheets from Under the Canopy. The fabric is organic sateen. Organic sateen is a type of fabric that is made from organic cotton and has a sateen weave. Sateen weave is a type of weave that produces a soft and silky feel on one side of the fabric and a matte finish on the other side. Organic cotton is grown without synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, making it more sustainable and environmentally friendly than conventionally-grown cotton.

Organic sateen is known for its luxurious feel and high-quality appearance. It is often used in bedding, sheets, pillowcases, and clothing such as dresses and shirts. The smooth, silky texture of organic sateen makes it comfortable to sleep on, while the organic cotton ensures that it is safe and healthy for both the environment and the user.

Unquestionably, this list of eco-friendly products has been a long time coming. I have done years of research, testing, and trials for all you UnMake Your Markers out there, and I hope this makes it easier for your to start your sustainability journeys. Don’t hesitate to contact me if there is anything I can help with regarding your sustainability journey. Thank you for being here!

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