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About Me

My name is Jenny. I’m from Texas, and I love spending time with my husband, cats, traveling, golf (I’m a newbie), reading, helping others, and helping the earth. 

My passion for living more sustainably led me to start this blog. I want to share tips and tricks with you as I learn. I do not strive to live with “zero waste” or to be “plastic-free.” Like you, I am a regular consumer who is just trying my best to change my habits to become more eco-friendly. I love to research sustainability and am interested in learning about ways to reduce our carbon footprint to slow down climate change.

My goals include:
Reduce single-use plastic
Replace everyday items with more sustainable options
Recycle properly
Waste less
Educate myself about the products I consume

I am so grateful you stopped by and hope you’ll join me in UnMaking Your Mark on the earth.