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Can I recycle it?

Soft Plastics

The good thing is most grocery stores now have a “Plastic Film or Soft Plastic Recycling Drop-off.”
First, use these sites to research the location of your nearest plastic film drop-off:

Save up your soft plastics and take them in! Ensure that you read the instructions carefully (ex., some plastic recycling can include things like dry cleaner bags or cereal liners, but some might not). You have to do the research for your local drop-off.
Then collect clean, appropriate plastic film (ex. plastic grocery bags, plastic film with recycle symbols, and things like cereal bag liners).
Once you have a substantial amount, take them to the drop-off!

Aerosol Cans

Shaving cream cans, hairspray cans, paint cans, and cooking spray cans made of metal are recyclable in a majority of municipal city programs (always check locally because it’s never the same everywhere). They are recyclable and curbside ONLY IF THEY ARE ALL THE WAY EMPTY. If not, heat and pressure can make them explode. Fully empty the aerosol can, toss the plastic cap in the trash (leave the nozzle on), and then put it in your recycle bin. If they are not empty, you will need to treat them as hazardous waste and dispose of them accordingly. Most aerosol cans are made from steel and aluminum, easily recycled materials. 

Can you recycle aerosol cans?


If they are in good condition, donate them. Be careful though; if you give donation drop-off locations like Salvation Army and Goodwill items in poor condition, they will put them in the trash. The program by Native Shoes Remix is sponsored through Zappos. So if you’re a Zappos customer, you just log on to their site, and you can print a FREE label to send them your old shoes. They break them down and recycle them into useful things like playground flooring or insulation for homes.


You can recycle many Beauty products at Nordstom!

Here’s everything you can take to the BEAUTYCYCLE drop-off at Nordstrom’s:

-shampoo & conditioner tubes/caps
-empty tubes/bottles from cleaners, toners, moisturizers
-ALL cosmetic makeup packaging (lip stick tubes, eye shadow palettes)
-sample size tubes

Isn’t this just AMAZING!?!?! I keep a small bag in my bathroom for these items and once it’s filled up, I add a stop to Nordstrom’s to my to-do list.They do not take perfumes containers, nail polish, electronics, or hazardous waste.