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UnMake Your Mark: an Eco-Conscious Blog for Everyone

What’s the Point?

My name is Jenny, and I am from Texas. This blog aims to teach me (and you) tips and tricks for becoming a little more eco-conscious, from educating ourselves about the materials used to make our daily products to simple ideas for making more sustainable choices. This blog’s purpose is never to make anyone feel guilty or less than others. Only do what you can, and if it is a little more than what you did before, goal achieved! Upon educating myself on sustainability, I came across terms like “plastic-free” and “zero waste.” For me, those terms are unrealistic – mostly because I don’t live off the grid, sew my clothes, and grow my food. I am a regular gal who lives in the city, likes technology, and consumes convenience just like you. I will not do this perfectly, but I know I (and we) can do better.

A Little About Me

When I was young, I always knew I wanted to help the greater good. Today, I am a speech-language pathologist, and I work with children with disabilities. I love it and feel each day that I make a difference. Alongside helping people, I have always had a strong pull to help the earth. I remember one time, as a child, I cried and cried when my mom served me bone-in chicken. I felt terrible eating animals and told my mom I would not eat any more animals (of course I did—however, now I eat 80% plant-based). Recycling and doing so correctly has also been a passion of mine. One evening around Thanksgiving 2020, I was going through a hard time, and I wanted to channel my stress and sadness into something positive. I had been thinking a lot about consumerism and waste and thought to start there.

The Idea

I decided to do the work to become more conscious of the foods I eat, the packaging I use, how I recycle/reuse, and what types of products I consume. “Go out and make your mark on this world,” they say. I think we have done that, unfortunately not in a positive way. Then poof, I thought of UnMake Your Mark. That very moment, I searched for the Instagram handle (available!) and also grabbed the website domain. I thought it would be fun to share what I learn as I go. My ultimate goal was to have a blog. I don’t know why it’s taken me almost one year to write my first post, but it’s better late than never. The reason I mention this is a reminder—a reminder to you to spend your time on your passions. Start the business, take the leap, move forward towards the things which make you happy and make you excited to spend your time on. I hope you’ll join me in becoming better stewards of this incredible home we call earth by un-making your mark with me. Feel free to comment below on some eco-friendly topics you are interested in, and I would be happy to research and blog about them!



9 thoughts on “UnMake Your Mark: an Eco-Conscious Blog for Everyone”

  1. I love and am encouraged by the idea that we don’t have to be perfect at this in order to make a difference. Looking forward to learning more!

    1. I love that you are doing this! So needed. The way I see it, any progress is progress. Our home has become so much more mindful of our waste habits and we are making good changes Ike shampoo bars, toothpaste tablets , and dish and laundry detergent plastic free alternatives.
      Follow you energy, “which is what is speaking to you” is my mantra, even if you don’t know exactly where it will lead you.
      We have already learned so much from you via Instagram. Looking forward to your blog, and rich conversations around the table with coffee and cherry pie. ❤️👏 Auntie R

      1. Thank you!!! I am so thrilled to have family like you to look up to! The West Coast is way ahead and it’s my mission to bring all of my Texas friends and family to the eco-party. Thank you again for being my #1 fan!

  2. LOVE this blog and the sentiment here! We can all do our part to “unmake our mark” and better the earth. I know my family is committed to this! Every little bit helps! Thank you, Jenny and BRAVO!!!

  3. Love the name and your easy going yet passionate style!

    Would love to know more about what can/can’t be recycled through standard city of Dallas recycling.

    Here are some starter stupid questions:

    Paper – yes but not all paper? Why not paper towels or napkins?

    Aluminum foil – yes but not if it’s has any food remnants (how clean does it have to be?)

    ^same question for plastic and paper

    Agree with trying to eliminate single use items – but can plastic utensils be recycled? If not, what else (besides reuse) can I do with used but clean plastic utensils?

    I pack mixed recyclables into boxes – and otherwise try to condense … to what extent does the city separate the items or does it just get trashed? Would I be better off separating myself?

    Excited to learn!


    1. Okay just off the top of my head:

      1) Paper towels and napkins – the fibers are too short to be re-made into new paper (they wet paper to re-use and the smaller fibers are just too compromised)
      2) Aluminum foil – if you can wipe/rinse most of the residue of it’s good to recycle. If something is caked on…I’d toss it. With aluminum, I keep an aluminum foil ball and wait to recycle it until it’s like an orange (as small bits can’t be processed through the machinery).
      3) Plastic – check your city’s website and if it’s labeled as something they take – recycle it. If there is no plastic # – I toss it.
      4) Plastic utensils CANNOT be recycled, too small for the recycling equipment to sort, it messes up the machine, they will sort & toss it. I take reusable utensils to work and wash. Unless you make art out of it, you will have to toss the plastic utensils. I’m using mine up and then will never purchase again.
      5) I separate metal/aluminum and metal – because we take that for money. The city does sort your recycling, they usually don’t want you to bag it at all – they like it mixed. The best thing is to not “WISH CYCLE” or put something in there they have to throw away. Makes their job easier.

      Hope this helps and you can text me anytime!


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